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2nd-Aug-2005 12:01 pm - Happy Birthday Me
I'm 22, It's only downhill from here. ^_^ But it's much more fun to roll down hills than climb up them anyways right? =P
26th-Jul-2005 12:35 am - I'm Leaving..
So today I hung out with my high school buddy Earl and we had all sorts of fun running around to misc tattoo shops and whatnot, shopping at goodwill, etc. etc. What a great fellow! ^_^ Anyways, when I get home there are two thing on the counter for me. One being some prints I recently ordered and the other being a communication from the Americorps. I went ahead and ate dinner first before proceeding with this, during which time my mom pointed out I had a letter from the Americorps. After dinner I ripped that baby open and what do I see but a letter saying "good job you're in, and your mission, should you chose to accept it, will be in the NE region at Perry Point Maryland." The states served in this region include Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island & Vermont. Recently I had resolved to drop this whole "nonsense" of running of on an Americorps adventure, but when I read the words on the paper saying "you're in and we will pay your way" (I get fed housed, paid 400 bucks a month plus upon completion I get like 5000 towards school.) I new that I really wanted to do this.
Problem is, I've been seeing this wonderful girl as of late. When I met Laura we just clicked like BOOM. Some of you may know what I mean, and as I am certainly looking at her as a long term prospect I figured it would be important to talk to her about it so I call her up and say I have something important to tell her but I need to tell her in person.. I'm sure I made her very nervous as I certainly made myself nervous.
So she came over and I sat her down and explained to her what I would be doing and when I would be doing it should I accept it and I asked her what she thought. She asked me if I really wanted to do it, I said yes, and she said "then do it" =) and that I need to get over my fear of phones because she will expecting lots of calls from me (which she will certainly get.) ::le sigh:: ^_^
So here's the plan, for the rest of the year I am going to be going to APSU and producing a shiny/sexy body of work for grad school apps, then I am going to run away for 10 months around the NE US working in natural parks, inner cities, doing disaster relief, etc. etc.. Then in about November of 2006 I will come home. At this time I will send off my apps. for the Fall of 2007 app. cycle and hopefully with my new work I will fare a bit better than I did the first go around.
Oh, and I'm going on a road trip/camping trip with Laura & her cousin Marci tomorrow to Land between the lakes for a couple days so that should be a lot of fun ^_^ and then when I get back I have to propose a show for Alter Gallery on Sunday.. hopefully they can give me one either late this year or in January =P Well, that's it for now =) Love you guys.
20th-Jul-2005 01:14 pm - I applied to hot topic..
So I was bored the other day so I applied to hot topic.. not that I really want a job.. I'm doing fine at the moment.. but I have this "idea" that requires the aquisition of some "expensive materials." On top of that, at some point I need to buy my own Canon Digital SLR and the 20D's looking pretty good for what I need.. although I've also considered that 17ish megapixel beast.. but that ones like 8000.00.. I might just wait the camera buying thing out a bit and see if they drop prices.. not like I need the camera right now.. but certainly by next year about this time.... hmmm.. I'm doing everything an artist should do.. conceptualize.. research.. plan.. promote.. and creating.. but the whole creating process just seems to get more and more pricey.. herm.. Maybe if I sell my balls... I hear you can get a couple grand per testicle.. Cant give blood though because I was in Germany during the whole Mad Cow thing which kind of sucks... herm..
9th-Jul-2005 11:06 pm(no subject)
So today was fairly productive.
I worked a bunch on the images I've taken as of late in photoshop working some stuff out.
I sent off for some more prints of my stuff to tweak my "final product" for this Red White and Blue themed Commentary Piece for Alter Gallery
I also ordered a 20x30 print from one of my recent sessions from a new printer to see how they handle the project in comparisson to RitzPix who took nearly a month to ship my 20x30 print and I still have yet to get it.
I talked to my little brother Zach who is currently on his way to see his dad in Florida, at the moment he is in Alabama.
I also tried to go to a party, but on the way nearly got sideswiped by this bum who didn't stop at the red light and almost turned into me (I had a green arrow damn it) and then the houses in the area were nearly invisible so I just went home.
I made my sister a little website she named "Pear Juice" and showed her how to use the manual functions on a film SLR.

This is all
7th-Jul-2005 10:32 pm - Smitten Like A Mitten
Smitten <3
14th-Jun-2005 06:11 am - Opening A Home Studio
Yup Yup, I'm opening up a photo studio at my place/my parent's place =P If anyone needs photos done (portraits or otherwises) let me know and I'll give you the "livejournal discound" which I haven't decided on the specifics yet. It's pretty basic. Just a window, a 10' x 12' greyish muslin backdrop and a 400 watt alien bee flash unit, but it works. I have a website for this new project of mine at 8oom.com under the "8 Photo" button. You must go.
26th-Apr-2005 10:02 pm - Movie With A Bear! :D
Look At It, You Know You Want To. ;P
21st-Apr-2005 05:20 pm - Coming This Monday
- Update Feat. Jimmy Urine of MSI and Other Misc. Goodness

- Update Feat. Ft. Campbell Children, Earth Day and Gregg and Ken Playing Under A Tree

- Update Feat. My Cousin's Wedding

Until then, if you haven't checked out 8oom.com, do. It is a happy place to be.
13th-Apr-2005 08:06 am - 8oom.com
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